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Hawaii Covid Travel Restrictions Frustrate & Anger Tourists

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Coming up on this episode, crazy covid travel restrictions for Hawaii, a visit to Atlanta airport where maybe I'll even bump into Sir Elton John and a nifty travel hack to save you money on every flight. I'm Andrew Lock, and this is the show that shares the secrets to smarter travel.

Hello and welcome to the show. Well, we're living in a crazy covid world right now, and frankly, travel is a mess in the states. Hawaii has the strictest rules, which some feel are unreasonable. And when I say some, I mean everyone. For most of last year, although they couldn't stop Americans from travelling to Hawaii, the state required hotels to issue room keys that only worked once. So visitors were allowed into their room, but then they had to stay there for 14 days.

Seems like Hawaii has been getting their travel advice from Guantanamo Bay. The guests, or should I say detainees, were not allowed to leave for any reason. No pool, no spa, no beach, no mai tais. In fact, no Hawaii.

Authorities even considered requiring everyone to wear an ankle monitor as a tracking device, kind of like a human lo-jack, but they back down after tourists started mocking it as the "Harvey Weinstein package." Fortunately, towards the end of last year, the entry requirements were changed, to instead require a covid lab test taken on the mainland up to three days before departure. Great news, right? Let's all celebrate with a mai tai. Yeah, not so fast.

From CBS News: "It was supposed to be a dream vacation. Rob and Pam Alexander are celebrating their forty sixth wedding anniversary in Hawaii.

We had three generations going earlier this month, Hawaii revising its rules, allowing visitors in without a mandatory 14 day quarantine as long as they had a recent negative covid test from a list of approved testing sites. But when the Alexanders landed on Friday after taking three flights, they weren't allowed to enter without quarantining. Their negative tests weren't recognised by the state after getting tested at an unapproved clinic. Frustrated and disappointed, they returned home. It's a very expensive lesson to learn."

You're not kidding. Unfortunately, it gets worse. According to the Hawaii State website, the two biggest providers for these tests are Walgreens and CVS, where one pack of Tic Tacs will get you a seven foot receipt. Unfortunately, at the top of both of their websites, it says "We can't guarantee a specific turnaround time on the lab." Tests accepted by Hawaii travellers to Hawaii should make other testing plans. Really?!

So the next logical option is airport testing. And by airport testing, I don't mean "is this airport infected with covid?" I mean, getting a test at the airport. Here's the thing. Out of the 503 major airports in the states, Hawaii allows tests from three of them. Unbelievable. The third option that Hawaii approves is to get a test kit sent to your home, which you then ship back via ups. The leading provider is called And on their website, it says, if you're travelling on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you can't use that test - because UPS don't pick up on Sundays.

So the long and the short of it apparently is, as long as you're travelling on a Saturday, Monday, Thursday or Friday, and you can take the test at the exact right time and mail it in on the right day, everything should be fine. Look, this Hawaii situation really irritates me. For Hawaii to ban the majority of labs from doing tests. It's not only ridiculous, it's deeply unfair. Hawaii is needlessly turning people away with perfectly good tests.

Hawaii's tourism slogan is "Come Taste Paradise". And it seems they now mean this literally the keyword being "taste" - just like a tiny Costco sample. Come get a "taste" of paradise inside the airport - but then we're going to send you back home. Have you been affected by this craziness? If you have, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And now it's time to hear from travel pro presenter Gabriela Soutine.

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Thank you, Gabriella. Skiplagged is amazing, I've saved a lot of money with it, you just got to remember to use it carefully and not too frequently, otherwise, the airlines may shut down your frequent flyer account. If I use Skiplagged, I always call the airline after my first flight, and let them know that my plans changed and that I won't be able to make the connecting flight that way. There's a record in their system that I cancelled the second flight, rather than just being a no show.

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Atlanta, nicknamed "Hotlanta", just got even hotter. It's the city famous for being the home of CNN, Coca-Cola, the CDC, and now Sir Elton John. No offence to Atlanta, but I really can't figure out why Sir Elton moved there. Does he not know about Hawaii? Maybe he does. He just doesn't want the ankle monitor. Just kind of sound strange to hear someone say "when I make a million dollars in the music industry, I'm moving to Atlanta.

"Maybe he wants to switch musical genres. I guess he's planning to drop that trap album soon.

Anyway, I recently visited Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport to (a) see how it's been impacted by covid and (b) to see if I could spot Sir Elton.

If there's one place you'd expect to see a significant upswing in travellers right now, it would be Atlanta Airport here in Georgia. Officially, the world's busiest airport and the largest hub, in a normal year it processes 110 million passengers on more than a thousand flights a day. Sadly, right now, the situation is pretty dire, with 88 percent of flights cancelled, which sounds bad enough, but that's actually up from the worst point in the pandemic when 97 percent of flights were cancelled.

And of the 347 shops and restaurants here, three hundred and ten of them are closed. And that's certainly reflected here in the international terminal, where the one choice of restaurant is PeiWei, the Asian fast food outlet.

The airport's general manager, was recently quoted as saying he expects the recovery to take between two and five years. It's really sad to see all these outlets closed, not to mention all the unemployment. But it's not all doom and gloom. Things are heading in the right direction, and although the recovery is slow, there is still a recovery. Now, then where's the rocket man? Come on, Sir Elton, don't go breaking my heart...

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And finally, here's a lost in translation sign from my travels. This one tries to reassure travellers they'll be easily understood with the message, "Of Klouse We Spoke England." Something's definitely lost in translation there. See you next week!