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My name is Andrew Lock, and I’m known as The Travel Pro.  
I’m British, but don’t hold that against me - the Boston Tea Party was a long time ago.  I'm chuffed to bits that you’re here, and imagine me warmly shaking your hand through the Internet.

Each week we share travel news, reviews, and tips related to airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and all things travel.

So if you want more perks, upgrades, and VIP treatment like the rockstar you are, watch The Travel Pro Show every week!  It's the easiest and most entertaining way to upgrade your travel!

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Step 2: Get The Best Travel Credit Card Recommendations for Points & Perks

One of the top questions we get is "What are the best travel credit cards for acquring points, miles, and perks"?"

You can find our top finds here.  These recommendations are tailored for travel pros like you, and they're updated every week to show you the latest offers and benefits. 

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Why did we create The Travel Pro Show?   What is the show all about? How can you benefit from it each week?  So many questions!  Click here to learn more about the Show!

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