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Delta Airlines Trip Report Boeing 767-400 Business Class Review (#6)

EPISODE #6 | ✈️ Take a Look Inside Delta's Boeing 767-400 Retrofit Business Class Cabin, With Delta One Lie-Flat Bed Suites JFK-LHR

Delta Airlines Trip Report Boeing 767-400 Business Class (Episode #6) 

There's nothing like crossing the Atlantic in a first-class style, and being able to sleep in a seat that converts into a 6' fully lie-flat bed. I hope you enjoy this Delta Airlines trip report from London to JFK.  Strictly speaking, it's not accurate to say "Delta First Class" because the lines between first and business class are blurred on many International airlines.  
Also in episode #6 of The Travel Pro Show, I'll share some great resources that enable you to do a rapid antigen covid test yourself, from anywhere. It's a handy kit you can travel with, and use when you need.  Best part, it's just $25, which is radically cheaper than the walk-in clinics and airport testing facilities.

Gabriella has a review of AroundMe travel app, to help you find the nearest coffee shop, restaurant, bar, supermarket, or other facilities in any major city. Finally, we'll show you a clever way to save money on every trip, by investing in a simple, collapsible water bottle! 

Q: Have you tried one of the portable DIY home covid tests for travel? Tell us about your experience!   We’d love to hear from you - please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments. We value your feedback!  Also, we always love and appreciate it when you share the show with your friends and travel buddies - thank you!

🕒 In This Episode:  

00:00​ - Preview of Episode
00:41​ - Rapid DIY Home Antigen Covid Tests for $25
03:08​ - 5 Types of Covid Tests for Travel Explained
07:59 ​- App Review: AroundMe for Finding Services in any City
10:11​ - Delta Airlines Trip Report on Boeing 767-400 Business Class
15:24​ - How to Save Money With Your Own Water Bottle
17:34 - Other Recommended Travel Resources

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