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British Airways Canceled Every Flight - What Would YOU do?

I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated at how British Airways handled the aftermath of flight cancellations around the...

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New SLC International Airport Tour & Review (Ep #10)

EPISODE #10 |  New SLC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Tour & Review, JetBlue's New Transatlantic Service &...

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How to Contact an Airline by Phone, For the Fastest Response

Need to contact your airline?  Keep this handy list on your phone, as it's often faster to call the airline, even if...

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17 Shocking Technology Failures on British Airways App & Website

VIDEO |  BRITISH AIRWAYS BROKEN TECHNOLOGY EXPOSED!  It's Unbelievable How Bad They've Let Their Website...

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Flying In a Pandemic - Airlines Kick Passengers Off Planes!

VIDEO |  What's Your View?  Did These Passengers Deserve to Be Kicked Off Their Planes?  Share Your...

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Flying During Covid19 - News About Social Distancing (Ep #7)

EPISODE #7 | TRAVELING DURING COVID?  Here's the essential information you need to know to stay safe,...

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Delta First Class Flat Bed Trip Report on Boeing 767-400 (2021)

VIDEO | Delta One Review: Boeing 767-400 Flat Bed Suite|An Epic, Luxury Experience of Flying During the Pandemic!


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Delta Airlines Trip Report Boeing 767-400 Business Class Review (#6)

EPISODE #6 | Take a Look Inside Delta's Boeing 767-400 Retrofit Business Class Cabin, With Delta One Lie-Flat...

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United Airlines Engine Failure Flight 328 - What Happened!?

VIDEO |United 328 Engine Failure EnRoute From Denver to Hawaii!  What Happened?  Here's the...

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Is United Airlines Safe For Passengers With Food Allergies?

VIDEO |Do You Have Celiac Disease? A Wheat, Dairy, Nut, or Soy Allergy? United is Serving a Snack That Contains ALL Of...

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How United Airlines Almost Killed Me with a Snack!

EPISODE #4 | Story time: United Airlines served me a snack that contained ALL the major food allergens... You...

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Passenger Shaming! The Worst Examples of Bad Behavior...

EPISODE #3 | Passenger shaming!  You won't believe how badly behaved some passengers are, it's truly shocking! ...

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