Unbelievable! 64 Yr Old Man Accidentally Hits Ejector Seat!

VIDEO |  Crazy news story about an elderly French tourist who had a mishap at 2,500' - and he has a fear of...

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17 Shocking Technology Failures on British Airways App & Website

VIDEO |  BRITISH AIRWAYS BROKEN TECHNOLOGY EXPOSED!  It's Unbelievable How Bad They've Let Their Website...

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Daycation Travel App Review - Have a Staycation as a Vacation!

VIDEO |  Daycation Travel App Review - Learn How to Stay at 5 Star Resorts As a Day Guest for a Vacation as a...

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2021 Travel Report from Malta and A Lot More (Episode #8)

EPISODE #8 |  MALTA OVERVIEW 2021 - A Charming Mediterranean Island Awaits Your Presence.  Watch this and...

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Flying In a Pandemic - Airlines Kick Passengers Off Planes!

VIDEO |  What's Your View?  Did These Passengers Deserve to Be Kicked Off Their Planes?  Share Your...

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LAX Airport News 2021 - New Mashgin Self Checkout

VIDEO |  LAX Airport News 2021 - Mashgin Self-Checkout Invites Passengers to Try New Technology at the Food Court in...

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Travel App Review: Radical Storage Best Luggage Storage

VIDEO | Travel App Review: Radical Storage Best Luggage / Bag Storage for Your Trips.  This app makes luggage...

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Flying During Covid19 - News About Social Distancing (Ep #7)

EPISODE #7 | TRAVELING DURING COVID?  Here's the essential information you need to know to stay safe,...

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Carmageddon Carpocalypse! How to Save Money On Car Rental
As you may have heard, car rental prices have skyrocketed.  And when I say, skyrocketed, it's almost unbelievable how much...
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Delta First Class Flat Bed Trip Report on Boeing 767-400 (2021)

VIDEO | Delta One Review: Boeing 767-400 Flat Bed Suite|An Epic, Luxury Experience of Flying During the Pandemic!


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AroundMe Travel App / Travel Guide Review

VIDEO |  Need to Find the Nearest Restaurants / Bank / Supermarket / Bar / Hospital in a New City? ...

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Discover Cheap Travel Tips - Best Collapsible Water Bottles

VIDEO | Discover Cheap Travel Tips - This Collapsible Water Bottle is a Must-Have for Frequent Flyers! ...

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