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British Airways Canceled Every Flight - What Would YOU do?

I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated at how British Airways handled the aftermath of flight cancellations around the...

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Tipping When Traveling - The Ultimate Guide
As a dual British & American citizen, tipping is a controversial and often confusing topic that often comes up in...
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New SLC International Airport Tour & Review (Ep #10)

EPISODE #10 |  New SLC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Tour & Review, JetBlue's New Transatlantic Service &...

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Masks at Disney World - Mask Policy Update Nov 2021

Good news about masks at Disney world!  The latest mask policy update is that masks are no longer required anywhere...

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Airline, Hotel & Car Rental Elite Status Extensions into 2023

Most of the major airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies have made changes to their loyalty programs because of the...

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How to Choose the Best Travel Credit Card

There are many travel rewards cards available, and many factors will affect what's 'best' for you (Updated Nov 2021)


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How to Contact an Airline by Phone, For the Fastest Response

Need to contact your airline?  Keep this handy list on your phone, as it's often faster to call the airline, even if...

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Disneyland, CA is Open to ALL Visitors Again - 2021 Update

VIDEO |  At Last! Disneyland and California Adventure Theme Parks are Open to ALL Visitors!

It's Time to Enjoy...

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8 Face Masks For Travel Tested & Reviewed (Ep #9)

EPISODE #9 |  BEST FACE MASKS For Travel on Airplanes?  I Reviewed 8 masks and here are my findings and top...

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Looking for Travel Destination Ideas? Consider Malta...

VIDEO |  Malta Travel Guide 2021 - A Beautiful Island in the Meditteranean.   Here's why you should...

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Unbelievable! 64 Yr Old Man Accidentally Hits Ejector Seat!

VIDEO |  Crazy news story about an elderly French tourist who had a mishap at 2,500' - and he has a fear of...

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17 Shocking Technology Failures on British Airways App & Website

VIDEO |  BRITISH AIRWAYS BROKEN TECHNOLOGY EXPOSED!  It's Unbelievable How Bad They've Let Their Website...

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